The NUCIDA London consulting team supports you in your projects in the areas of marketing, software quality, financial management and digital transformation. No matter whether we solve an urgent problem for you or a new project is to be planned successfully. We are always at your side with our know-how and take care that your company can operate even more successfully on the market.


Lean Management

NUCIDA helps companies with the digital transformation of their business processes. By combining visual modeling and descriptions of the processes including their workflows, we increase transparency and standardization. The additional model validation proves the improvements achieved through this. Together with the business units concerned, we reduce frictional losses and waste of resources.

Agile processes

At NUCIDA, we advise companies on agile topics to improve self-organization, the distribution of authority, role clarity, and the effective design of meetings and decision-making processes without the organization drifting into chaos. Agile transformation creates the basis for remaining competitive in a rapidly changing environment through an increased ability to change, learn and innovate.

Team Building

Team and organizational constellations use information that escapes our conscious attention. NUCIDA promotes the efficiency of teams and organizations through further development and improvement of conflict resolution intelligence. We take into account all relationships, communication channels, as well as stakeholders and / or excluded system elements.

Strategy Consulting

NUCIDA Consulting helps maximize your success with smart ideas, proven methodologies, innovative technologies and massive implementation power. We create superior strategies and tactics to establish highly profitable business models including effective as well as efficient organizations. Regarding digitalization and digital transformation, we bring together strategic thinking and technological expertise.

Interim Management

Interim management is also called temporary management. It is a temporary assignment of a NUCIDA project manager in your company who takes over precisely defined management tasks. The goal is, among other things, to set up an efficient, transparent project organization, to plan projects systematically, to drive forward decisions, and to distribute tasks in a binding manner.

Business Development

NUCIDA Business Development focuses on the development of business areas and on the systematic further development of existing and innovative business fields. Our NUCIDA consultants identify new market and marketing opportunities in order to transform them into concrete business models and strategies. Here, time is the livelihood security or the expansion of enterprises.


About us

For us, digiti­zation does not simply mean moder­nizing what already exists, but above all reshaping the future. That is why we have made it our goal to pro­vide our customers with sustai­nable sup­port in the digiti­zation of the entire value chain. Our work always has only one goal: your suc­cess! Learn more

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Using online seminars

Make your com­pany com­peti­tive. Train your em­ployees to become experts through our online seminars.

Learn more


AI supported software testing

Automate your software tes­ting cost-­effectively using our AI-powered testing tools on our cloud plat­form.

Learn more

Company Turbo

Increase sales

Digital marketing offers many oppor­tunities to open up new markets. We know how to do it and bring you forward!

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We want to use our knowledge to create a competitive edge for as many people as possible. In various industries, we create easy access to the topics surrounding digital transformation. Because for us, digitization is much more than just technology; it starts with digital culture, puts business models to the test, and generates innovations. In the process, we also take on operational, digital services for our customers; worldwide from North America to Southeast Asia! On this page you will find current examples of how we work with our customers. Learn more

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When may we support you? Enjoy the NUCIDA benefits now.


"The NUCIDA Group advises us on the establishment and further development of our quality assurance within the myClaim product line. In doing so, the consulting team with a lot of experience understands how to confidently introduce all success-critical topics."

Rainer Erhardt, DAT Group |

"The NUCIDA Group advises us in the area of software quality and test management. This has enabled us to achieve a significant reduction in testing effort while at the same time improving software quality."

Peter Kuntze, DB Netz |

"We owe NUCIDA Group the utmost respect and gratitude, as we would not be as far along in our many IT projects as we currently are without their project input for test automation."

Dr. Michael Rook, DB Cargo |

"Thank you very much for your support in the area of quality assurance and development. Everything worked very well from my perspective. We will continue to purchase more project services from NUCIDA consultants in the future."

Peter Wolf, Koerber Group |

"NUCIDA Group supports the validation of IT systems with profound know-how in the field of GxP. The topics are: Change & Configuration Management, development of service processes and training of individual IT service units."

Dr. Alexander Labhardt, Hofmann-La Roche |

"NUCIDA Group consists of recognized QM experts who meet the specific requirements of projects. The consulting team has a strong sense of quality and the will to methodically achieve project goals."

Dr. Gunter Dubrau, ICW / x-tension |

"Time and time again, NUCIDA Group consultants deliver outstanding results. We will continue to award more project work to NUCIDA Group in the future."

Andreas Sent, Knappschaft Bahn See |

"In the field of software quality, one can expect international level of performance from NUCIDA consultants and will never be disappointed; very good cooperation in IT projects."

Jens Winter, IBM |

"We were able to save 90% of our quality assurance costs thanks to the implementation of the NUCIDA QA Cloud platform."

Nikolai Back, Pickert & Partner |

"We at BMW Group rely heavily on enterprise-ready, robust and mature software. After evaluating some competitors over a longer time we finally decided for Xray. This high-quality software supports agile development processes very well, integrates smoothly into Jira and proves to be the missing part for testing in Jira in any aspect."

Michael Merwald, BMW |

"NUCIDA brought our engineers back to using a centralized tool for their test execution and specification. Xray has a very simple UI and a great API, so folks need only a couple of minutes to get used to it, without any training necessary. The team always has an open ear for feature requests and a quick reaction on bug fixes."

Florian Rohde, Tesla |

"The support service so heart-warming it almost melts you. Seriously, the questions I addressed were pretty hardcore but every item was resolved with a very detailed answer. After some ideas of mine, even an improvement report was created - looking forward to working with you guys."

Robert Aksenov, T-Systems |