Is there an affiliate program?
Yes, various operators offer a Metropol Hub affiliate program. This allows Internet entrepreneurs and influencers to participate in the economic success of the Metropol Hubs and the associated companies. Registration takes place via our application form.
How can I secure the commission from the affiliate program?
There are two affiliate programs at NUCIDA, for which you can apply via our application form. Please also tell us your email address, through which the affiliate program should run. After that the administration will send you an email with a confirmation link. Please confirm this link. In the publisher account you should find two codes: 1) the publisher ID (pid) and 2) the program ID (prid). In addition, a number of special product links can be created with your personal codes. Over it the commission payments are assigned with a purchase. Even if interested parties decide to buy a product only a few days later, the commissions can be determined via a special cookie, which is valid for 30 days. Furthermore, we have developed a special start page for interested parties, which explains the most important points in an easy to understand way. This page can also be easily integrated into your own consulting and sales activities, as the code can be used here as well; example:
How is the payout made within the affiliate program?
Commissions are calculated on the basis of successful incoming payments (an order alone does not entitle to a commission). The payment of the collected commissions will be made in the middle of the month to the account specified by the affiliate.
What are the advertising opportunities in the affiliate programs?
For this purpose, there are various elements such as text links, banners, buttons or sliders in the form of scipt calls. These objects can be integrated very easily into your own web pages or landing pages. The advantage of batches, buttons or sliders is that product updates are immediately available on your own pages without any adjustments. It is best to coordinate the desired elements with the NUCIDA consulting team via email. These will then be created for you and are then available via your affiliate access.